Third Party Reviews

Kaden Lawson | August 11, 2018 |

"I can’t remember who cut my hair but she did fantastic job. Evey time I have been here they gave me the exact haircut I wanted. The person who cut my hair paid very much attention to detail when my haircut was done I got an MVP which she did an amazing job on. When she dried my hair she noticed a spot in my hair where it stuck up a little and I didn’t even see it and she pointed it out and fixed it when she could have just left it how it was. Anyway there was awesome customer service and I if I could Remember the name of the employee and give them a review it would be a five star review."

Bree B. | June 16, 2018 |

"These girls don't know how to do an even haircut. Stop speeding through it and pay attention to detail. I hatedmy bfs haircut and took him to the barbers not too far away to have it fixed. PLUS, there you can call ahead and skip the line. The barbers also has free popcorn and soda while you wait. Never going back!"

Rita Maire Daley | July 24, 2018 |

"Like Patty Nel's work.....would go back!"

Mark Taylor | July 12, 2018 |

"I came in this afternoon around 11. The staff was very nice and greeted me immediately. This was my first haircut in Beaverton since moving from out of state. The woman who cut my hair was very nice. Before we started I asked "do you feel comfortable doing fades" she assured me YES but as soon as it began the sides were a perfectly even 1/2 all the way around. She was getting the cover off me before any lineup or sideburns evened out. I asked her to and she politely did. I paid the total due and even tipped $2 because thats just me. She knew I was dissatisfied and shyfully apologized. I got home and showered and sure enough an even 1/2 around the sides and back with little bald patches. Thanks for listening"

Ethan P. | July 11, 2018 |

"Patty was very friendly and nice. She did a great job! The MVP with shampoo is nice but if you are planning on going out after, bring a different shirt because your shirt will get wet."

Wayne H | July 01, 2018 |

"Checked in online for my son with a 59 minute wait time. Arrived at the store and our wait was then 29 minutes. There was another person below us waiting for the same stylist. The wait got down to 2 minutes, and next thing I know we were back to 30 minutes. Yup, she had taken the person below us. Seems the person below us was the sibling of the person before us. That stinks, and I get it, but that is really not my problem. At least have the decency to tell me what you are doing, rather than sit for an hour. I could have taken my son for lunch in that time, for eg. I see this as a complete disrespect for my time. And it’s not like it was our first time there, he’s been getting his hair cut for two years. I won’t be back."

Micah Reeves | June 15, 2018 |

"Its like a spa day for men"

todd tomsha | May 30, 2018 |

"Rally know how to take care of you."

Doug Funk | June 02, 2018 |

"They give a good haircut."

Michael Sattler | May 20, 2018 |

"Wanted an inexpensive haircut to get things back into shape after a bit of travel. Found a special at Sports Clips and made an appointment. The place is nice, decorated in a sports theme. The staff are nice; enthusiastic. They gave out a lot of coupons for future visits, even some referral coupons for the roommate, and touted their online appointment system. Yeah, there was a bit of an upsell for products they sell, but it was reasonably gentle, and made better by an unexpectedly free hair wash. The haircut was good, doubly so for the price, and I'll happily return when it's time."